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Carved Holly Tray

Jim Kelso

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A few years ago I was driving home from town and a wild rabbit or hare ran into my wheels. It happened so fast I had no time to react. Boom!… and he was off to the next world. This is a tray with carving dedicated to him(her?).


The wood is Holly. There is a lovely bit of figure in the upper right suggestive of some vibrational destination or source. Close-ups to follow.



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Lovely idea, and very stylish execution (did I just say that out loud to a master-artisan?).


Destination my carrot-garden?


How did you get the grass? By pressing or sanding?

I'm sure that it must look very inviting to explore in person.


Always greatly enjoy your exploits, Kurt

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Thanks very much Kurt & Janel. Kurt, what you see as grasses, I intended to represent a swirling ghostly aspect. I like that it appears to you as grasses! It was carved and sanded smooth where it is not just lines.


Janel I settled on Renaissance wax. Apparently the wood was quick kiln dried to avoid blueing that can occur.


Here are some more photos.


37 x 13 cm





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Hi Jim,


It always struck me how your simplistic approach can convey so much....Hope this doesn't sound offensive, I don't mean that your work is simple, but how with few lines you always evoque so much....bref, Really enjoy your work, is what I really mean ;)


Take Care


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I really appreciate your homage to this little creature in this particular shape. Less is more...? Very nice! With it's origin in mind I looked at that figure in the right hand corner and it came to me it's you, it's your car just moments before the event?

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