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Owl Getting Some Dinner

Kurt K

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OK, that one was a huge learning project for me. I think no other project thus far needed as many adaptions to get it done.


Frame 56 x 42 mm Biggs Jasper with Pet-Wood background, Owl 50 x40 mm Opalized Agate Wood, Mouse 16 x 8mm Unknown local Hong Kong material (magnetic) but not Magnetite or Hematite, Overall composition 65 x 50mm


Started the Owl first as an engravure and then worked it slowly into a 2D object.

I also envisioned the owl without considering legs and talons. Then, well into the project, I saw by chance a picture of an owl in the last moment of flight. Wow, I never realized that an owl consists of nothing more than wings, head and legs. That threw all the plans into disarray. Luckily, I had not yet started the tail, so I still had some room to move. Set me basically back by a week (until then, the owl was ahead of the girl).



The biggest mental problem here turned out to be the position of the tail. Technically, the biggest challenge yet, where the talons. 3 x 3mm with a depth of 4mm for 4 talons is certainly the smallest thing that I have attempted thus far. The tail-feathers are now also down to an average of about a millimeter or less in thickness in order to allow an “S” wave starting with at the highest point on the left and ending just above the background on the right.



The frame was relatively easy and consist of Biggs as frame and Wood for the background.

The background idea came because all 4 materials (also for the girl) where thin slabs that I otherwise would have no use for and came as extras from various sellers. Even though the frame is of relative easy construction, I still was not able to fit as tightly as I would have liked it. But the natural lines of the Biggs helped to hide the fact.



The mouse is again of the unknown local magnetic material. I had one left from last month, but turning the frame meant now that the mouse is too big. So I had to make a new one. I started out with having the mouse run along the frame, but the twisted tail would have had to go over the frame for more effect. This would have meant an extremely thin twist. So in the end I decided to try a recommendation received last time for the Indonesian Tube Agate of having just a butt and tail. The frame and background does not give a lot of depth, so I thought it would be better to have everything except the head and twist it a little. It took 7 attempts to get it right, but at least it’s the right seize now in correlation to frame and owl.


So from here on tail, talons and mouse where the crux of fail or success. So I made sure not to touch them with the dremel and finished them by hand with sandpaper to 5000grid




The original idea included that the setting would be in a frame, but I envisioned it length-wise not standing the frame up. So I envisioned of having only one wing going over the frame and the other within. As I did the frame and owl without really putting them together the eventual setting came about.


Here are some angles of the final piece



And the best shot of the day





Thanks for your time looking through. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to improve on future exploits, lets hear your voice as it would be highly welcome.


Best regards and have a great weekend,..... Kurt

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Thanks Pete.


Made lots of mistakes here in regards to angles etc. But the biggest goof-up was that I miss-judged the total weight. It became very heavy, Hence there are no plans of turning it into a pendant. With every new piece new challenges are coming up, and each and every time I learn a little more. .

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