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Reworked Carving

Mark Strom

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This rabbit was done and posted a while back as a stained peice. It went to a gallery and somehow the frame got damaged so a repair was in order. While it was hanging around the shop I decided to try the new painting technique and see what happened. The piece just never had that "wow" factor and was just to plain.


The painting was different than my previous experiments. There are more colors involved and to my way of thinking in strange combinations. The colors went in this order: white, raw sienna, burnt sienna, burnt umber, ochre and then back to the siennas to umber and then black. The etching through the colors was more involved also.


Overall it is more realistic than my other pieces and now it has the look I was after. Sometimes the evolution of the percolation process takes more patience than usual.



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Hi Mark,


Wow! This is quite a positive change for this piece. The coloration is very much like a wild rabbit and is very convincing. I do wonder about the totally solid white of the tail. In texture it is different than the colored and excised fur, at least in the photo. Is there a way to open it up a little so it does not look so smooth?



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