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A Strange Dream About A Manaia


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Some time ago I had a strange dream about a Manaia. Somehow in this dream I came up with the question how these little fellows come to existance and some strange pictures accompanied me through an appocalyptic journey through all kind of mystical themes.


Next day I sat down and started to draw some memories and ended up with some nice designs. I couldn´t find any similar in the www so i like to share them here and maybe I get here some comments on this idea.


I figured (dreaemed) they origin out of some egg-clam like objekt whiche are materialised thoughts of a god (rehua?) - or something like that?! It didn´t unfold me any clearer! I must admit I like maori design but never got deeper in their kultur and my limited literature didn´t get me any clue.


Am I the first person to have this idea? I am not a "spiritual person" but after this dream I would like to know some more of the things I am doing! ;) I didn´t think I could contribute any to the awesome designs of manaias but this would but be a new idea, or not?




Here are the drafts








I had some bone left and the weather was real bad so I started a string of objekts, this happend


... it is about 3.5cm tall - it is the smallest objekt I made so far and the details need to be worked out better but therefore I need to make some better tools - so I left it in this stage.


.... this one is going to a new born familymember - I am hooping it is going to protect this new life! It is just about hatching - ready to serve a new life!






I made some more until I came up with the idea of making some in a hei matau style with a jade eye (4,5 cm tall)




and finaly I finnished a older different hei matau as a good luck charm for the new car we bought. :D




hope you like them and I am looking foreward to your thoughts on this objekts

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New ideas are always fantastic. Even if there is something similar already out there, its still your own version that makes it unique.

I for one love your abillity to convert an idea (however abstract) into an object of art. The Dragon too; looks great.


Always looking forward to your new creations, Kurt

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Hi Michiel, the Manaia is the name for the seahorse, is actually a side profile of a seahorse, thats why you only ever see a manaia as a side on design.


they dont really have any distinctive qualities when viewed front on, the reason why the manaia has the design features that make it distinct from other design elements in Maori carving is simply because of what a real seahorse looks like, a long beak like protrusion for a mouth, bony type structure, simple elements etc... just thought that i would post for background info.

Rangi (hekerangi)

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