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New From Valencia Spain


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Hello everybody

My name is Borja from Valencia , Spain.

I started bone carving 8 years ago but I quit more than 4 years in the middle, it means that i am rookie in that art.

I made 5 hei-Matau in the past, this maori pendant is one of my favourites ones.

last week I decided to start again, buy new sandpapers, clean new cow bones, got a Jewels saw and now i am working in two new pieces, one is classic hei-matau form that Steph Myhre shows in his book( exactly I am copying Billy's one cause is more pretty ) and a koru.

I attached two pictures,one is my second hei matau i made for a friend and the other one picture is the piece I am working now(is 50% done, need to sand, more shape and a polish).

I hope you enjoy.

Nice to meet you guys.

thanks for read me.




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