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A Few New Pieces

Bella Nicol

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After a few weeks of moving, I've finally set up an internet connection, and purchased a computer.


I haven't had the oppertunity to do much carving since I have been enrolled in college, but here are a few little pieces I have managed to create.


The first is a guitarfish, carved from sperm whale tooth,




The second is a commission for a young woman who wanted a leather back sea turtle with paua shell inlay on a hemp lashing, carved from cattle bone


The third is a tiny whale shark, carved from antler crown with buffalo horn inlay for eyes, and carved completely with hand tools. I could seriously benefit from learning to build gravers.



thank you for your time

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Thank you for the kind words,


Billy, yes I most certainly have heard of Nathan Pettigrew, what a wonderful artist. I wish I could find more images of his work, I recall he also does a lot of work in antler. In fact, I think I will seach his work when I am done here.


Tony, I look forward to seeing your new work and I feel like gravers could be useful but many artists seem to get by just fine without them =)

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