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My name is Aldo glad I found this forum,thank you for having me.

When it comes to crafting, drawing etc. the smaller the better, carving is no exception. Smallest thing I have carved was an olive pit. I have also carved Tagua nuts, mine run Emerald, Antler, Pipe stone, Wood and Opals.

Opals however are my favorite and is what I have been doing lately. One bad thing is that I hate polishing so you can figure the rest.. Carving to me is a form of therapy, I just pour what I feel at the moment into the carving. I wish I could carve at will like most in my case I have to be inspired.

Here are some of my work I was reluctant to do this since I felt humbled by all the wonderful carvings I have seen.

Will welcome all kinds of criticism,suggestions etc. Sorry about the picture quality




P.S. The avatar is my first opal carving many years ago

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