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New Member - David Ward From South Florida

David Ward

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Greetings from South Florida. I am David Ward and have been reading this site for years and finally joined. I've been carving as a hobby for years, mostly shell and jade. My work has finally gotten to the point that I think it is good. Being self-taught ( with the help of web sites like this) it is time I seek out other carvers and try to bring my carving to the next level. If anyone knows of jade carvers in So. Florida please let me know, I have found Alabaster, Marble and other stone carvers, but not jade. I am still struggling with some jade techniques and the polishing, ohhhh the polishing.


Thanks to all for you here for providing this great resource and I look forward to participating.

Some recent carvings attached below and more here: http://pinterest.com/davidlward/my-carvings/











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Hi David, I am also in South Florida a new member and self taught as well, like your carvings There are a lot of accomplished individuals here, just look at their work. They seem eager to help which is unusual so attaining that next level should be a pleasant exprience. I 'll carve anything but opals are my thing, I also detest polishing.


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I will try to carve anything, but jade is my ting, currently, never tried opal.

I stared withe wood, moved to Florida and got hooked on carving shell, turned out the same tools work for carving jade and my favorite color is green.

I've tried alabaster and marble recently, very different and much bigger carving.



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