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Hello all,

I just recently started doing some bone carving. I was using this forum to get some pointers and info on where to start and decided to sign up now that I have done a few pieces. They are pretty basic and simple but I've got to start somewhere right? Though everything I've done so far is bone, I have a little bit of soapstone Im hoping to do something with once I start getting a little better. I also really love the look of shell, so hopefully I can find a decent source so I can play around with that soon enough. Anyways, below are the two pieces I've done so far, like I said they are pretty simple but I still am pretty happy with how they turned out.




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Nice work, I have not carved bone ... .. yet.

I have carved lots of shell, I live near the beach so shell is free here.

Shell is hard, diamond bits with water works well.

Be careful, shell dust can make you sick, I always carve shell wet.

Big thick pieces are the hardest for me to find, but I have lots of random chunks.

If you just want a bag of random shell pieces I can send them, drop me an email if you want.



Shell carvings:


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