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Colleen M

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Hi everyone. Im Colleen From New Zealand. I have just started my carving journey. maybe 6 weeks or so . I am also learning silversmithing and want to combine the two. Now that I have a bit of time up my sleeve I can finally do something I have always wanted to do.... There is fabulous talent on this site and I hope to have a long and productive experience here.

Thankyou in advance for all of the information you all share..

These are what i have done so far. Any feedback is most appreciated and advice is always welcome....post-3543-0-88965100-1350124866.jpgpost-3543-0-01842100-1350124870.jpgpost-3543-0-05461400-1350124917.jpgpost-3543-0-25948600-1350124963.jpgpost-3543-0-27852200-1350125027.jpg

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i realy like the one with the braded attachment. personaly im more inclinded to pick up something like that rather then the ones with a hole just drilled in them. have you thought of doing some kind of inlay in your stone? you might like to add that to what your doing.




there is alot more out there but this will get you started. i know these are in wood but the concept is the same


here is a metal and stone inlay you might find inturesting



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