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Whale Tooth Carving By Billy


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My Latest creation. Ikatere-Maeri – Te Matua O Ika.


A taonga (treasure) dedicated to the great begetting of Tangaroa (God of the sea) – Ikatere-Maeri. A dedication to great fatherhood, and a show of respect to Tangaroa's great oceans and all that dwell within.


Ikatere-Maeri is the ancestor of all fish. He is the son of Punga, grandson of Tangaroa, great grandson of Ranginui and Papatuanuku. His eyes are made in the form of his children. The detail on the front represents his Ariki status. The detail on the back is a dedication to his father, Punga, who's the ancestor of sharks and rays. The shape is a mangopare which represents the hammerhead shark.


Ikatere thrived in his domain, creating an abundance of life beneath the waves. And paying true honour to his grandfather. The fish took on their individual shapes after the Battle of the Fishes. When Tangaroa answered the karakia of a young wahine after her iwi betrayed her husband. The fish defeated the tribe and Tangaroa granted them their wishes, giving them individual shapes and sizes, and many of them still bare the scars from that battle today.










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Ataahua korero , amd billy beautiful mahi as always , love the way the lines in your mahi draw the eye and come together , it

must be a fascinating.process working with those lines keeping true to the concept and at the same watching the taonga evolve during the process , thanks for your posts bro they are inspiring

ka kite ano e hoa


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How beautiful. Some very special aspects about your work; there is always a story as beautiful as the piece, and both the story and piece have equal depth. As well as in a very literal way, there is a lot of depth and it is very aesthetically pleasing to look at. It is so special. Thank you for sharing it with us!



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