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Kia ora bro, every time i get to see any of your mahi, ,i am literally left speechless , they speak of a vital, living, evolving culture giving the voices of our tipuna relevance in the here and now, mean mahi bro, and important too, your mahi enriches lives which i guess is the goal of most artistic endeavour regardless of race or creed. I hope you enjoy the forum bro there are alot of very talented people hereabouts , with amazing technique and skill that are only to happy to share their insights and experiences

thanks again for taking the time out from ya mahi to catch up bro.

Ka kite ano,

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Hello Rangi, I am familiar with your work it is so nice to see it here.

Oh, you know, as they say practice makes perfect...

Hehe I am just being smart. Thank you for sharing it with us! We look forward to seeing more.


Something I really love about this forum is how masters like yourself, Billy, Janel or the many others here will congregate on the one fact that is we all carve despite skill level. This is very encouraging for beginners like myself :) woohoo can't wait to see more!

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