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Some New Work

Ryan K

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Hey all, just want to show off the pieces I've been working on lately. Sorry for the poor image quality, my camera just wont take good close up pictuers no matter how many different settings I play around with to try and improve them.



I was telling a friend about how I'd started carving recently and she asked if I could make a fork for her.


post-3535-0-36493700-1351360441.jpg post-3535-0-10674000-1351361823.png

A little keychain I made for myself with a symbol on it.(the second picture is the symbol i was going for since its a bit hard to see on my photo) Im not particularily happy with the oval shape but everything I tired to make the outline look cleaner I seemed to screw it up even more, so I just stopped before i completely ruined the piece. I also found it really hard to get a nice smooth surface on the area i carved lower than the surface(I feel like there is a term for it but its eluding me at the moment)



A small toki, which I made specifically so I could learn how to do the binding. I dont know why but I really love how the binding looks.



This one, unlike the rest of the pieces which are bone, is made of soapstone. I was trying to make it look sort of like a tooth/fang which Im not sure I accomplished too well but it is also the first soapstone I've done so Im sure with more time I can improve.



I had an anchor in mind when I started this piece but I missed the mark, didnt turn out anything like what I had envisioned.



I have a friend thats really into pencil/paper games and board games so I made a couple dice from small pieces of scrap bone.


Hope you enjoy them and Im always open to suggestions from you all on how I could improve my skills for future work.

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If you look at Janel's tool sets you will find one that is a circular metal rod cut at an angle and polished leaving an oval cross section.

Using small versions of these tools you can get down into the low areas and gently polish/scrape the surface flat and then sand with tiny pieces of high grit paper on toothpicks.

I personally quite like the contrast between the smooth raiessed areas and the rougher more rustic cut away areas.

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