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Doug Sanders

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You guys are so lucky! I would love to see these guys up close.


at one of the museums Natural historoy film Bugs we saw this film on bugs and it was GREAT!! I wanted to buy the DVD, but it wasn't available yet, It had great insect sequences all through it. I could hardly contain myself (my wife said I was pretty funny) I highly reconmend it if/when it comes out on DVD. The lighting, the texture, just too cool! I must have saw dozens of knife handles & blade textures that I must try!


its so well done, the music! The music was Grand! One scene was an ant drinking a water drop! and he was pushing, pounding, wiggling on this water drop trying to break the surface tension and at one time he got his head through and it was so funny his head was magnified being inside the drop and it was just so funny. He finally broke the drop down but it was amazing footage.


anyway I could go on about it! I really enjoyed it.



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