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I have been carving since attending carving school at the age of seventeen, I only get time to do bone (etc) work when i can, and i enjoy doing it, I have lectured for a good part of my life in the visual arts and this small scale work is probably about 10-15% of the overall art work that I get involved with. I have a masters in the Visual arts as well through Massey Uni.


I enjoy large monumental scale as well as small scale, and at present i fit these types of works in between my other commitments, it may look like I do a lot of work even though I know that my work production is prolific, i tend not to think so, i just feel like that i have so many ideas to get out of my head so i just whack as much out as i can when i can. regardless of that i always have tried to focus my students on design- problem solving, design, etc etc, technique, etc, always trying to master each part of the process.










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Kia Ora Rangi,


What to say....obviously your work is amazing....

The one thing that I really like is that you spare some of your time to share with us on this forum. Also to see your drawing help me realize that whatever the achievement, it comes with work not some god given talent...hopefully I make myself clear....

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration.



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It is wonderful to see all of your beautiful work and an idea of how you approach what you are thinking. I usually just dive in and hope for the best when it comes to my carving, even with my jewelry up until recently I did little to no drawing (still don't draw much I use Rino 3D).


I have been using CAD for going on twenty years and just recently started building my work with it prior to making a cut or grinding a stone. In doing this it allows me to see things in 3D on my computer prior to going out to the studio, seems to tell me yes or no and as I have yet to do any studio work it is very easy to rework the piece on the computer. I posted my first out of the new studio CAD piece some months on the forum the link to the post is http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?/topic/2810-different-kind-of-carving/


Again thank you for sharing your awe inspiring pieces .......... All my best ....... Danny

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Rangi ...

I appreciate seeing the 'original' work as well .. the drawing(s). Coming up with original works, and such drawings is an art form and skill set of it's own. Beautiful finish, and unique designs. But ... the first thing that came to mind when I saw them, is WOW ... think of the TIME it must have taken!


Beautiful work!


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