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Sperm Whale Tooth Nurse Shark

Bella Nicol

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This is the first true shark I have carved, strangely enough it is my absolute favorite animal (sharks, that is).

I'm sorry for the poor quality photos, I don't have a true camera I just use the one that happens to be on my cell phone which woud explain the grainy look.


This was carved for a young lady, who has a special cultural connection to the nurse shark as she explained to me. The shark is carved from the entire piece of whale tooth which is why the piece is so large. There are very fine details of the mouth which took much referencing to create. I don't posses any micro grinders of any sort, so for all of the fine details I have to use hand tools only (gills, mouth, fins, etc).


One of the photos is of a white opal cab used to cover the remaining pulp cavity.

Thank you for your time! =)







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Hi Bella,


Congratulation, your work is real good. I like the idea of the opal. I have one question, what did you use for the eyes? They look inlay but...

Anyway, the general aspect and details give a high quality to your carving. I cannot even imagine if the picture were not phone picture....;)

Take care



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