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Some Shark Teeth


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An authentic, large sized Megalodon tooth is IMO somewhat pricey....$400 +.... so I made my own. The three larger ones in the pics are carved in Black Pearl soapstone from the quarries back east USA. The smaller teeth are actual fossil shark teeth from the Cape Fear River of North Carolina - my home state.








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wish that i had a soapstone quary near my home but i cant find anything in illinois. its such a pain to buy and ship it that i rarely have touched it except for small pieces from hoby store. friend of mine goes regulary to a quary and goes through there slag pile and picks up biger pieces. the quary manager let him take what he wants as long as he carves them a project every year for a charity auction they put on at christmass. but i have a connection with lumber mill so i can get some quality wood dirt cheap that i plan on carving.

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