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Elf ,mother Earth , Jade ,silver , Agate

dante lopez

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Thank you for sharing your work, she is beautiful, four years of off and on no doubt many hours of work and the result ? she is a treasure that will endure,and will speak of your insight , skills and talent long after we have all paid the ferryman.

Tihe mauri ora


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Great to see you back on the forum! Beautiful piece, I think it was worth all the effort.


Is that BC, California, or Guatemalan jade? This is much bigger than most of your work; of course it's going to take alot longer to carve that much jade.


A friend of mine was looking forward to meeting you in Tuscon last year; you weren't there, I don't know if it was just for the day. Hopefully, you get to come this year.


Hope you and yours are doing well.


Debbie K

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