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Vegetable Ivory Pendant


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Hello all...


As I said in my introductory post, I'm a complete beginner in carving.... but eager to experiment.

I ordered some tagua nuts from eBay, and tried carving one. I cut it in half (snapping at least three blades of my hand saw... I need to get a band-saw), and improvised a design... just random flowing elements.

Since it was the first time of working with this material, I didn't know what to expect... But in the end I'm happy with the results. I found the hardnes of the material pleasant... I did some experiemnts with alabaster found it too brittle (but is just an opinion, and may dapend from the fact that I'm an absolute beginner)

I did some error here and there, and could not remove completely some scratches I did where the tool slipped away. Polishing was easier than expected.


better resolution mages are at: http://cuntraria.wor...ant-birthday-1/


As usual, I end up taking the photos in a hurry, with poor results. Now the piece has reached its destination (it was a gift).. so no more photo opportunities :-(


With the other half of the nut I'm not having much luck.. The inner, softer part is exposed, and is making the piece almost unusable... I started again freehanding a design, but i'm somehow disappointed so far... bah... I'll see where it will go.. if nothing else, it would have been some exercise...


Comments are welcome !








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That's some nice carving and finish on targa nut! Sounds like it ws well dried, if this piece was hard. I have always been dissapointed in the voids .. cracks, fissures, etc .. found inside. It would be grand if I could just slice it and go to work! :-)

Yes .. a bandsaw would make this work much easier for you! IF you want nice straight cuts, then a wide, high tooth count blade might work well for you. If you want to do scrolly cuts, you would want a very narrow blade, or better yet, use a very fine scroll saw. Your jewler's saw would work well for the latter, also.


Nice polish!

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