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The New Guy

Bob R

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Hi all!


I actually joined this forum nearly a year ago, but I am introducing myself today.


I am a wood carver/pyrographer who is now looking to branch out into other things. For now, I am beginning to carve bone.


I carved a ring from cow bone for the wife for Christmas, and a necklace pendant for last Mothers Day.

She has now requested earrings so now its time for me to interact wth those that have advice / critique to offer.


Pleasure to be here!

Below are a few links to view my work.




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love your stuff having checked out your web site i do bone earings and bone neck laces wish i was as good as you are in bone as you are in wood the trick is get you wife to get you either a set of gold hook or sleepers so you can add the earings too also remember dont make them too heavy you could try deer antlar as they make nice earings too hope this helps.

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