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Make your signature a link to your website

kristopher skelton

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Hey folks, I was just reading a discussion in the business forum about website philosophies and thought I'dd copy a tutorial I posted at Don Fogg's site:


I thought it was time for me to add something actually useful to this site for a change  I've noticed a lot of folks have www.thisandthat.com in their sig. That's a good start, but if you look at my sig, you'll see the URL is actually clickable. I'm lazy and don't want to cut-n-paste your URL into my browser. For what it's worth, 36% of my webtraffic comes from clicks from this site.


So here's how to do it.

Go to "My controls" in the bar at the top of the screen

on the left side, go to "edit signature"

in your signature enter text using the following as a template (if your website is alchemyforge.net for example) but use "[" and "]" in place of "{" and "}": {url=http://www.alchemyforge.net} Alchemy Forge {/url} and it will look like this Alchemy Forge


Click "Update signature"


Bam! You're done.  Let that site traffic in :D


I hope some of you find this at least a little useful. Enjoy!

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