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My Intro.

Tom Edward

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Hello Iam new here but have none of this forum for a long time, years actually and have checked in to see what is new etc.

I live in western Canada where the prairies meet the foot hills.

Even though there is lots of inspiration here I have traveled and followd many paths. I have traveled most of the USA and western Canada, I come from a part first nations background aswell as English etc heritage etc.

I started to carve as a kid but nothing serious, then traveled to north Georgia to meet stone carvers there and tribal elders, which helped form a basis for some interpretations and then on to New Zealand within the last 2 years where I met and was hosted by several bone and jade carvers and jewellers.

for the past several years I have researched and studied many art forms and styles and will start carving something this week, after leaving work to follow a "Carving path".

Much of what influences the things I make comes from old stories myths and how I see the way old ideas get re-interpreted into todays forms.

Working as a traditional weaver will also help make sence of what I see and make, weaving is pure math, making sence of abstracts into stable forms, a little different that a stable for being transformed in to an "object D'art".

My favorite mediums are jade and natural bone ivory etc.



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Hi Bruce, thank you for the reply.

Yes I have met some very interesting people over the years and some have become close friends and mentors, I have a good background with Native American studies and for years that has led me into circles with a non -mainstream focus, which i enjoy very much.

I have friends around the world that I keep up with on a regular basis, which leads to research and influences, just love to see everything new and old, favorites are of course Oceanic, Viking, Anglo Saxon and Native North American aswell as east Siberia.

New Zealand has so much talent it just can't be true! to use one of thier exclamations when something is very good; nationally New Zealand "has gone for the doctor "! when it comes to carving!

I see that you like to do carved feathers, several people there specialize in certain things and a friend does feathers which I fell head over heals for.

Did you know that carved feathers occur probably 1000 years ago in North America?

I am still working on my carving area and hope to finish that soon but I have startedone item, after several years of buying up carving supplies I now find myself sorting boxes which is great but never knew I had that much stuff, so I hope to butcher some of it soon, mammoth is amazing!

Thank you for your welcome.

ps it's windy here today the chinooks never need to be shoveled!


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