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Dan W.

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Hello all, I'll admit to being a lurker on this site for a little over a year now. I have been grateful for the inspiration and help that The Carving Path has provided as I have attempted to enter the world of carving stone.


By way of introduction, I must say that I had been looking for a new hobby/distraction, ever since my former hobby (namely breeding exotic reptiles) has, over the years, turned into a full time venture, complete with employees. After due consideration, I purchased the necessary equipment, with the hope that carving jade would provide an enjoyable way to spend the long winter evenings here in northwest Montana. So far I have not been disappointed. In fact, although I've only been carving a little over a year, it does at times border on obsession. So, in the spirit of sharing, and with the hope that this post may generate some valuable feedback from the many experienced carvers on this forum, I humbly submit my first four creations... all pendants.


This was my first piece. I bought the material as Australian Black Jade, although I understand that it is not true jade.



The rest are all B.C. nephrite. This is the second carving. I had some trouble trying to get the dark inclusions to polish flat with the rest of the stone, then I decided it added some character and just let it be.



This one broke my heart... after I knocked it off the counter onto a tile floor and broke the delicate little neck off. It is currently attempting to cling to some vestige of dignity via super-glue.



The prevoius three were completed last winter. This one is all that I have managed so far this winter. I wanted a matte/low shine look, but now I think I may go just a tad shinier...yes? no?

post-3600-0-57840900-1358658714.jpg post-3600-0-73659600-1358658786.jpg


All four in a perspective shot:


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