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Greetings from the Great White North

Francois Thibault aka T-BO

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My name is T-BO,

Living in Yellowknife Northwest Territories Canada

Been frozen in time for nearly 30 years in the north of Canada with the odd trip out

Got carving full time 23 years ago and have never looked back ( well not for too long ! ) I have some experience in different mediums and love the creative process.

I think it's great to see a group of artists and artisans coming together to chat about stuff and share their knowledge. I wish I was closer to the rest of the world, I guess this will do until I win the lottery and can visit the world's carvers. I dont spend a lot of time on the computer, too much to do, winter is setting in once again. Got to go cath me an aurora! Cheers




(Some of this stuff is ancient)

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Welcome Francois! Thanks for introducing yourself.


I am still away from home, having seen the great netsuke carves of old and contemporary times, at the convention in San Francisco. I've borrowed a computer, but it has an old operating system and will not launch the gallery, so I am looking forward to returning home to look at your work! The one photo is very enticing.


I look forward to further communications about you and your work.


Bye for now, and Welcome aboard!



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