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Does Size Matter?

J. David Cox

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I'm a newbie. Went for a quick walkabout to see what was being created. Some beautiful stuff. But I was struck by the sizes......? Are most of you carving small? I haven't carved in a long tme but the size I 'think' in is something about the size of my head. And I tend to think of sculptures as big. This is not a criticism, just a question: do most of you carve small?

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Hi David,


The forum began with the focus of carving in the small scale. The title statement at the top of each page also includes this indication.


It actually began when the International Netsuke Society forum went on line, and when I was asked to start populating the forum in some way, I made announcements by email to carvers and collectors, and the word spread out from there. Then of course, these carvers were involved with netsuke and small scale carving in a variety of mediums, sizes and techniques, since my mailing list and my own carving interests were in the small scale. Two other artists and myself began The Carving Path, Don Fogg from Bladesmiths' forum and Jim Kelso, a metals and wood carver. We realized that when artists congregated on the netsuke forum, that a separate forum for artists was an appropriate move to make, leaving the netsuke collectors forum to focus on all things related to netsuke collecting.


Over the years, the membership population and interests have changed, but we still focus on carving in the small scale. For one thing, tools are not commercially available for small scale work such as what the members do, and the educational resources are quite varied.


One overall goal for the forum that it will provide a friendly, informative and accessible place for communication and learning for carvers from around the world. The members help each other to learn and find solutions for particular questions when there is a need to know more.


People who carve in other sizes larger than small scale will continue to be welcomed, but the majority of members do work in a small scale with their carving.




PS There are other members here who live on islands off the coasts of BC and Washington state.

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