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Carving From Horse Metatarsus


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What is called Metatarsus in Latin. Shankbone in English, the rear one. Front one is Metacarpus. These are the lowest longbones, straight after the hoof. There are three longbones in each leg. Shankbone, shinbone, and thighbone, going from the bottom up. The shankbones are completely straight, (for most of their lenght) and as you can see*, very thick in the middle, tapering towards the ends, but nowhere near as much as the other bones.I mean they are much thickjer in the middle section (the marrow hole is tiny), and they taper much less than other bones do. If it makes any sense.


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A fully functional ocarina, playing an octave and a third. For those who know this sort of thing, the semitone cross-fingering is surprisingly better than it usually is on my equivalent wooden ones. Possibly it's to do with the thickness of the body, I'll have to look into it.








The eye inlays are ebony, otherwise nothing but the horse bone. The plunger is just another piece of the same bone.

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