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Playing With Fire

Kurt K

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Hope everyone is enjoying 2013 thus far.


I certainly have, I was playing with Fire Agate all December and extended that into January.





And quite a few more of the same.


And closed out the year with this Mexican beauty.



This year, my ambition in general, is to go smaller and more detailed.


This Dragonfly is a start in that direction; all the work in stone is done, but needs a good artisan to bind it together with metal.



This Fire Agate Monk is the latest and hopefully the first step into the right direction for size with the opal-face coming in at 5.5 mm.



The back/front: rough and now



And finally looking in the mirror:



Till here for now, February will be themed "butterfly". Lets see what if we can sustain things close to an inch or smaller.


Thanks for looking, Kurt

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Thank you Tom,


Yes while working Fire Agate can be detious, it is usually quite rewarding.

I have come to this hobby through Fire Agate, and while I work with a lot of different materials today; Fire Agate will remain one of my top favorites.

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