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Bull moose

Jim Kelso

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I wasn't going to post this because the photo is so bad, but yesterday I had a little encounter with Mr. Bull Moose(didn't ask if his name was Bullwinkle). I was up around 2000ft exploring an area between two streams. We heard a distinct crashing that these guys make and knew immediately he was coming close pretty fast. We froze(two of us) as I think it's early rutting season. He stopped about 40' away. I could not resist taking out my camera and I think he saw my movement. He gave us the hairy eye-ball for what seemed like minutes but was maybe 40 seconds. In that time we heard another off a little further the other side of him which was probably Mrs. Bullwinkle. Thankfully he seemed more interested in her than us and moved off away.


You can just make out the glint of his eye on the upper edge of the isolated leaf above the intersection of the three thick branches. The antlers can barely be made out throught the leaves. The antlers were huge, as was himself. I think we were lucky the Mrs. was on the other side.


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