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Durable Finish For Keychains


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im looking for a strong durable finish. im making some small carving that are painted and in a couple spots the paint has started to chip from wear and tear. so i need a coating that will seal and protect the surface. im also making keychains i was thinking of mixing 2 part resin and diping them in the resin and then hanging them to dry. or maybe some kind of epoxy finish if they make any that go on thin enough to stay even and not be all goopy but still thick enough that it wont run all over the table. does anyone know of a durable finish poly is not working, shellack is not thick enough,




i have about 7 boxs of this stuff that i picked up for 5.00 dollers a box can this be used to brush onto the carvings and keychains im making right now?


any advice for working with this stuff im working in a totaly new ball game and have no expierence to work off of.

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Here is the advice about a durrable finish for using epoxy on golf ball carvings (super dense rubber) i was told these by a profesional boat builder who uses epoxy and resin finishes to seal the wood boats to prevent them from being damages by the ocean.




epoxy will not bond with it WITHOUT sanding and cleaning (which would remove the paint). Doesn't matter the brand of epoxy, it won't bond.


So I think you're options are somewhat limited. I think for something like the painted ball I would try a spray lacquer (Deft rattle can) or one of the products made by Crystalac.


Crystalac Super Premium is a water based finish that is very durable and does not require sanding between coats. It can be applied coat after coat until you have a build that you're looking for. I've used this on my daughters toys (which take a beating) and there hasn't been any failure. BUT, Crystalac is a spray application only. An airbrush would be ideal for your project.

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