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White Raven

Bella Nicol

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Hello everyone,


I have been hardworking back at college, so the carving front has been slow though I still requently visit to see all of the new and beautiful artwork!


This is Raven, carved from a small whale tooth. It was mostly a practice in working with inlay. The dark surrounding the indigo paua shell is blue mammoth ivory.


As the story goes, Raven was once a snow white bird. In bringing light to our, smoke turned his feathers black and burned his beak. Breif I know, but there isn't much time for me to type the story I am familiar with =).


Originally, there was to be a pearl in his mouth unfortunately it was too large. I was asked to lash it horizontally, and so that the lashing could be removed and the piece could be held on its own which explains the strange lashing here.


Thank you for taking the time to look, expect more fish now! ;)








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