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Carving Mahogany Turtle


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ok so here is a sad little carving of a turtle. ugg i hate having to learn a entire different style of wood working with no training. so was looking around for wood that i can carve thats soft and picked up this chuck of mahogany and spent a good part of saterday carving this turtle. learned that i can wittle better if i turn the blade away from me and flck my wrist away. that way my wrist does not get tired as quickly. i cant cut as deep this way but i have better control. it also eliminates the risk of having the knife cut my thumb. im not happy with this turtle but i dont know what more i can do without practice lots and lots of it. need to stop thinking about perfection and just carve and see where it leads me. and then ill develope both a style and techneque over time. perhaps next ill carve some gargoyle type monsters out of glued up white pine.








hate that i havent found a my own style and still have so much to work on.

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