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Butterfly / Moth

Kurt K

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This February is the time to experiment with Butterflies as designs and materials spanning from Coral, to Jadeite and Agate, while continuing my efforts to get smaller.


The coral is very simple and hardly justifies the label of carving.


The Guatemalan Jadeite, is a bit more like it.



But the actual plan was getting practice with the above to do this one




Something strange happened as the sun hit the piece directly in those two out-door shots today.

Whats going on? Usually I get that effect only with clear crystals beads when using flash.



Wishing you a great week, Kurt

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Holding the edge is a term I use when material survives the sanding-process without dulling too much, or rubbing out and edge of a corner. I use sanding-paper by hand, so directional sanding is a bit of a problem to counteract this.


Will have to invest in some proper high end burrs in the future and replace the sanding process by using Diamond powder. For normal pendants, sanding-paper is just fine, but I find working under an inch, like here it’s a whole new ball-game.


This little project has certainly given me a whole new understanding in regards to how fantastic the skills of cameo-carvers are. While the girl is easily recognized as such, the corners and edges are simply not sharp enough.


A for inlay: Yes it should hold up fairly well for that, the cell-walls are very solid. But as I saw last time, preparing a cab with this material; the cells are a bit unstable and might fall out. Something that can be counteracted by epoxy treatment. There are glimmers of color in those cells, which I presume are from internal micro-fractures.

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