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Some Fish


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David. Please don't take this the wrong way, but how can we appreciate the work and craftsmanship of your piece with such terrible photography. Surely your work deserves better. I know for many people, photography can be a challenge, but perhaps a shot outside or with more natural light could help better show this obviously lovely piece.


Just saying, Billy.

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Hi David,


I do not want to dump on you, but I am in agreement with Billy.


I have a question about your camera: does it have a White Balance, or light source setting? If so, try to match the setting to the light source: for instance, fluorescent to fluorescent, daylight to daylight, or tungsten to tungsten (old fashioned light bulbs). Or perhaps there is an automatic selection that might figure it out for you, but I am not sure about that. Also, try to limit the light to one kind of source, for instance when outside sunlight is filling a room, fluorescent or tungsten bulbs will offer a different kind of light and will be not very pleasant together in a photo.


Also, try to see if your camera has a closeup option to help with focusing on smaller, closer in subjects. If not, see if you can back up the camera until the subject can be in focus. Such an image can be cropped to remove the background and make the subject bigger in the image when resized.


I took the liberty of using Photoshop to shift the color balance on one of your images for an example. I believe that the light is from mixed sources because when fixing the primary overall color, the margins and shadows show different colors according to which light is the fill light in the second source's shadow. (There is so much to do and learn when taking photos!)




If you have questions, please ask. I can try to help.




Thank you for sharing the fishes carving with us.

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