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Playing With Nephrite Jade

David G

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It has been a while since I have posted here and 12 months since I started carving so it is time to catch up a bit. All the carvings in this post are nephrite jade from Michael B, not only has he been very generous in the materials but also in sharing his experience and skills, I now know how I 'should' do things even if I don't always have the discipline to do it.


Firstly, when not carving I make these. A pair of Buck 501's for Michael and I with scales of very translucent Tamworth nephrite.








My first twist, albeit fairly poorly executed. I tried another that was fully 3D but it broke.





This was an experiment in curves and true 3D, I found it very challenging to envisage how the shape would come out of the stone and used plasticine to create and understand the twists.





My wife who is a design student at uni has been very critical of my carving without purpose or overriding theme. This piece came out of some serious challenges we had in our family last year it is called 'peas in a pod' and is about our family (the four of us, hence four peas) sticking together. It is the first of my work that my wife has been willing to wear. I think having a purpose really helped guide the work.








Finally, I have always wanted to make a jade fish hook, I have had a lifelong association with the ocean and fishing, and it was time to be self indulgent, Michael B's band saw also helped to get the nice curves as getting long flowing curves with tiny burs is really difficult. While not perfect I am very happy with this one and wear it myself, this one was for me.








So I finish the year with so much more to learn.



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Hi David. Very nice work. And looks like a lovely stone. It would be nice to catch up sometime. Share knowledge and resources. Keep up the good work.




Hi billy,

Absolutely, would love to see your great work in the flesh sometime.


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where do you get your knife kits? been thinking of making my own knives but total from scratch.


Hi Dan,

These are Buck 501 production knives from Buck. I remove the wooden scales and replace them with stone ones. There are a few good tutorials on the web, I will post a link to mine when I am on a PC. I have tried some of the "knife blank kits" but find them over priced for the quality, better value in some of the production knives and re handling.

Would like to make my own one day, google Jay Fisher Knives for the art end of this craft.


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i realy like that i did somehting similar with my turnings i bought a cheap screwdriver cut the handle off and took out the changable screw handles and made my own screwdriver. i would like to see the information that you used for making one including where you get the knives if i can i might make my dad a knife.



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