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Tiger-Eyed Ivy Leaf

Alexa D.

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Some people go out and party on Friday nights. I usually curl up with a book or hang out with a friend or two. Last night, though, the carving bug bit, and hard. This is my first real attempt at inlay, too.


tigereyedivyleaf3.th.jpg tigereyedivyleaf1.th.jpg tigereyedivyleaf2.th.jpg tigereyedivyleaf4.th.jpg

(thumbnails; click to enlarge)


It's an ivy leaf carved from a slice of tagua nut (roughed out with a jeweler's saw and dremel, refined with needle files and my little carving knife, and finished with 180, 220, and 320-grit sandpaper, veins etched last-thing with the dremel). The tigereye is set with CA glue; its socket isn't quite as closely fitting as I could hope for, but not bad for a first try. The loop of "stem" for the cord broke off while I tried to sand it -- probably should've seen that coming, given how thin it is -- and had to be repaired with more CA; another learning experience.


All in all, though, I'm not displeased with it!

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