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Yet Another Newbie


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Hello All,


My name is Stephen and I am from the UK.


I haven't actually done any carving yet and after a lot of thought I have decided to go down the route of "man the toolmaker" before "man the carver"!. To this end I have searched the furthest reaches of The Carving Path's forums and have learnt an a lot about the principles and practice of small tool making. In the past I have done some model making and silversmithing so have a few small tools to hand. Tool making is totally new to me but I am enjoying finding out about normalizing, hardening and tempering, etc. I now found or purchased a small collection of hacksaw blades, old files, silver steel UK/drill stock US, piano/music wire, heavy gauge needles, masonary nails and old needle files.


Currently I am consolidating all the information that I have found into something workable for me. However, I do have a few questions and a few things that are confusing me and will post these a bit later in the Tools and Technical section. Hopefully someone can come to my aid.




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