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This English Woman Loves To Carve

Jean H

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I am very pleased to find this community...it can be a solitary job sitting at your work bench all day. I am excited to share and learn.

At the moment I am busy with an inro made of purpleheart wood for a customer in the US. Purple heartwood smells of feet and makes my hands itch ever so slightly but it is soooo beautiful. Cuts nicely and polishes up glossy. The inro will have inlay mother of pearl lightening bolts on the front and an ojime bead in the form of a desert rose. I will post a picture of the bead and a couple of other things.

I was trainind many years ago as a jeweller but always used wood in my pieces...now I think of myself as a woodcarver first.

Please view my website if you have a moment. www.jeanhorseman.com

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Very interesting work and use of multi media ,I have just begun my journey with materials like you are using

and hope for the creative ability that makes you stop and think what your work conveys

Hi Keith, I think if you are passionate about your subject matter the form comes easily. I love beetles and other small insects and animals so I have endless ideas. Find your subject and your work will get better and better

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