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Couple of small projects

Rik Palm

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I just finished these up.


One is a Damascus Fire Genie. I only make the damascus one by commission usually by the close friends of a very ill person.


(a fire genie is use to start fires, I attach it to a leather necklace pouch with a flint rod, it also holds tinder. I forged the first one for me, for hiking out of high carbon steel but apparently they have serious mojo so the damacus one are really powerful).







Last night I finished up this little guy, great for opening up those darn DVD cases.

He hangs on a forge hook on a neck cord.




nothing big but I thought I'd share.



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Good work! You keep showing blades that I want to use as scraper tools! The maggot is right up my interest alley and beckons to be used!


How big is the fire genie? The intent of making a damascus fire genie for very ill persons is to aid their inner fire in the fight for wellness? Is there a history behind this?



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Cool stuff, Rik! Like Janel, I too have a perversion for carving the unusual and little noticed things like maggots. There was a time I carved things like small garlic bulbs (wood) with a little ivory or antler maggot hiding in them. Never popular with clients, but I loved making them. Oh well, lots of netsuke rats and snails and things that western eyes might find repugnant.


Keep up the good work...

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