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Of Elephants And Frogs


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Hello fellow carvers!

Here is the latest carvings I made for my lovely partners Birthday :) They are both deer crown and roughly 5cm by 3cm.

I thought it would be interesting to give each a comparison photo from the first and only other Green tree frog and elephant I have done which was just a bit more than a year ago.when I had only just started.

Credit must be given to the patient little frog which was repeatedly caught from the back of our toilet and a very helpful toy elephant made by schleich toys.

The stain was made from boiled down whole black pepper corns and works really well for those of you who are exploring different staining methods.

I am still in training with my new camera and having a bit of trouble getting the photo's to show the carving in proportion so I haven't attached any front on photo's as the head looks massive and the body miles away.

Hope you all enjoy!







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Thanks again........ Here is a little perons tree froggy I just did with my first Tagua nut. The eyes are bull horn and the first time I've in-layed. I like the nut staining patterns, its very hard to see in these photos but there is a sort of wood grain to it. The stain used was boiled pine cone and black peppercorn extract. Next project will be a Bali style bull skull carving, I've had my thoughts on one since I saw a buffalo one in another post.

Hope you all enjoy!.




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