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Tekoteko By Bllly.


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Here's a little tekoteko almost finished. Tekotekos are carved figures that adorn the front of traditional meeting houses. This little fella will sit on top of a stone base to complete this sculture. Carved from mammoth ivory, this was a challenge for me as I rarely tackle the third dimension too much. But hopefully this opens a new dimension for my carving, literally :).


Thanks for looking, Billy.






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Kia Ora Billy,


hummm....Tekoteko, I was thinking about doing one as my next project....thank's to you, the challenge is now even bigger :blink:

Looks already way cool, the mammoth ivory is superb. Good to know that people like you also struggle with 3D, gives hope to people like me :D

But stop wasting your time reading this topic, go finish it taht we can all be amazed once again ;)

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Hey David. I enjoy carving mammoth. You can get different grades but a nice solid bit is a joy to carve. It holds detail wonderfully and has a beautifully natural, herring bone texture to it.


When you come and visit you can have a piece to take away :)


Hope you're well, Billy.

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