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Carver In The Marshall Islands

Richard Andrew C.

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My name is Richard Andrew Clark. I was born in North Carolina and raised in Florida for about 11 years. 8 years ago i moved to the Marshall Islands because my parents are missionaries here. My Fascination of carvings has been with me since i moved here, because of how talented the Locals are with their hands.

They make many wonderful things with the limited natural materials that they have at hand such as coconut shell, sea shells, Pandanas leaves, coconut leaves and fronds, the tropical wood, and bone. I have always wanted to try my hand at carving, but i never found the time because of schooling. That is until i got into college where classes can be picked to fit your time which gave me plenty of time to try my hand at Carving. Turns out i was pretty good at it and i have been at it since then. I typically started with wood and then i expanded into wood, shell. bone,and stone. I am still teaching myself and getting tips from a fellow carver who provides me with the whale bone i use for my carvings. Generally i do mostly Pendants, little figures, reliefs, and engravings, most of which are inspired by the Micronesian Cultures. I look forward to Discussing with the different carvers on this site and showing a few of my pendants and figures to those who are interested in them.


The Three pics show(in the exact order they are in) a 7inch by 1 1/2 inch slice of whale bone, A wood Sign i made(Yokwe in Marshallese means Hello, Love, Peace, Promise and a few others...it depends on how you say the sentence that includes the word Yokwe), and a pumice stone carving i made.







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