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New Member From New Mexico


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Hello fellow carvers,


I am new here and am interested in learning from share experiences from others. I used to draw pencil portraits and then began carving found wood - mainly Cottonwood bark as it is plentiful and free around here. For some reason, I keep carving smaller and smaller things. The photo attached is a carving from some bark and is about two inches tall. I probably will never make much money at carving, because I add detail, detail to detail...etc., then like them so much I won't sell them. LOL Oh well, carving is very fun and relaxing for me.


Hope to hear from ya'll.


ScottN from New Mexico, USA.


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Nice job Scott, bark is fun to carve with especially when you finish something you can be proud of. Seems like good cotton wood bark is tough to find here. Usually have to get it from someone who brings it in from Montana or Canada.

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Ken and Tony,


Thanks for the reply to my post.


The bark around here is only about 2 - 4 inches thick, but it only makes me carve smaller. I am originally from Nebraska, where the Plains Cottonwood bark is thick and plentiful. I hope to take a trip back there is summer to visit and plan on picking up a trunk load of it. If either of you want some of the bark around here, I will be happy to send you some (of course for free). I think postage is the killer to getting completely free bark, but I will help you anyway I can - just let me know.


My main interest now is carving the whimsical houses and my wife seems to really enjoy them, esp when I put a small clock in them.


New Mexico is filled with other talented artists, but I am one of the few that carve in bark around here.


What area of the world or country are ya'll from? I will try to manuever around this forum and try to find any pictures of your carvings.



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