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My First Hook And Inlay....how'd I Do?

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Hey guys,


This is my first ever hook and inlay. The inlay is wood that i had gotten from natural driftwood.(still don't know what kind of wood it is....Its extremely heavy) The bulk is whale's bone. Note that this is not the finished hook. I have yet to photograph the polished result. Comments, tips, and points are extremely welcome. I would love to know how i could further improve my inlay skills.



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first of all what tools did you use and what do you have?


marc spagnola made a video on doing wood inlay in a table top its similar to what your doing and might help you.http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/videos/router-based-inlay/


i posted a video on the grading semi precious stones that shows how to do inlay with stone chips and dust. you might want to check it out. then instead of cuting a solid form to fit exactly in your surface you just make a liquid and bunch of small stone fit your space.


i notice a few gaps you can probably fill those with epoxy and some dye. that way you would have a smoother transition between bone to wood and back again.


sorry i cant identify the wood with such a small pieces perhaps if i could see more plus the endgrain i could identify especialy if i know where area in the world you live.


how long after you harvested the drift wood did you use it? if you used it too soon then the wood could be swolen with water and when it dries you wood inlay would dry out and then you would have agap around the edge.


http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3032-be-jealous-of-my-tiny-router/page__fromsearch__1 this is my set up for routing out depresion in my wood projects you might want to think about something similar if you realy like doing this.


http://s1101.photobucket.com/user/duckkisser/media/DSCN0301_zps1af54e2f.jpg.html this is a leaf i made that uses decrative stones that you would buy at any hobby store for the inlay its prity cheap and usefull for the project.


http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3060-first-bent-wood-box-with-inlay-lid/page__fromsearch__1 this is a small box i just finished that uses some semi precious stones and brass to create the image of butterly around flowers.


http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3053-first-fish-hook-with-inlay/page__fromsearch__1 here is the first hook neclace that i ever made with my years of wood working expierence art class, sculpting expierence and finaly i have a good eye for line, shape and color.


tomorow ill send you a message with some of the stuff i figured out and the materials i have tried.

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Here are some inturesting inlay i have come across.


ok i have found that you can use any wood dust for example purple heart still carries over the purple even though its dust. it ends up looking like a wine red.


steel dust from your grinder gives a cool black that the highlights are silver,


copper, brass and aluminum give realy nice metalic inlay. most soft metals you can get from a machine shop just make shure you clean i with a deoiler because they oil the metal to keep it from heating up while they cut it.


for copper you can take copper wire cut a grove and fit the wire into the grove with super glue. then sand it and the wire will smooth out filling the grove and looking like a solid line same with aluminum if you can find it in wire form.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6J828cRAcpw



brass i usualy get from key copying machines it tends to look a litle dull because i think they mix tin in the brass to harden it but the clips look like small pieces of straw.


you can get small clipings from a machine shop for example i have a jar of aluminum pieces taken from a cnc drill press so they are uniform little discs.


epoxy resin with coloring agents work very nice but it will look more solid rather then have depth and texture. earth pigments make a nice additive to epoxy because they are natural pigment i havent worked with it yet waiting for my first bottle now. http://www.earthpigm...ts-by-color.cfm


colored sand will work but it tends to blend out does not realy create texture because its too fine.


decrative rocks at hobby stores work well


car paint additives give a nice sparkle


dry powder car paint make a good inlay material


any stone under 5-6 on the moh scale but you can use harder you will just use up sand paper very quickly.a few that i have come across are


black and green slate (green looks like dark pine tree's) just got grey slate off the roof down the street the building is falling apart and there is tons of it on the ground.


black/white granite


black/white marble














Talkum powder (looks like snow without the sparkle its very soft so it needs a hardning agent like epoxy) \


corian powder if you can get it im still working on that






red jasper


sponge coral red


red flower stone


yellow marble






black onyx




red calcite


golden fluorite




















sulfer maybe but never tried it


http://www.greatsout...-gemstones.html here is a mix of tumbled stones cheapest i have come across its 6.00 for 2 LB that might be the way to go to practice and for your small necklaces

http://www.blackmark...ished-Gemstones next best price for stones


http://www.stunningg...p?IDTree=.0.125. this another way to get rock but their higher quality stones


cheap grade stones are best as long as the color is good because after you smash them it wont matter the matrix, size, or hardness of the stones.


to smash the rocks i think the best method is to get a solid piece of metal with side's on it like a coffee can or the face plate on a ceiling fan and a 2LB weight. then you just set one end of the weight on the rocks and hit it with a hammer and screen sort them to get different sizes. or you can get large pipe end cap to hold the stones and make a blunt wedge out of a pipe nipple and put two end caps on that.

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sure richard i knew i threw alot at you just havent realy come across a comprehensive list of stuff for inlay yet. i might witht he help of several other turners see about posting a page of different materials that can be used for inlay.

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