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Sumo Wrestlers


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Hello dear Friends!

After a long break I've finished my new netsuke. "Sumo Wrestlers" has been carved from a piece of mammoth tusk, the height of this netsuke is 9.1 cm, tinted with mixed dye (kuchinashi, curcuma and tea), hear - Rose Urushi, mawasi - colored with lacquers and Nashiji flakes (gold and silver), tattoo was done with hot needle.









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Hey Natasha, your talents always set the bar for talents, as inspires all that view your amzingly sensitive carvings that are really true sculptures.

I have seen a few others and I confess I think that you are amongst my favorite artists, to say I "just love your work" is an understatment.

Thank you once again for sharing your talents with us, if you ever do a picture book of your work I would like a signed copy please!


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Astoundingly brilliant work in every way, design carving and finish. Then there is the superb use of pyrography stippling on the figures. The pyrography designs themselves are amazing and flawlessly rendered at such a small scale on such complex surfaces.


I will refer this inspiring work to a pyrography site I visit.

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What a fantastic return. Always looking forward to your pieces. I think there is hardly anyone out there who not only aspires to every small little detail that you put into each and every piece, but also has the immense abillity to reaize them in the most fascinating way.


A book would certainly a wonderful idea.

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