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Young Shark Pendant Necklace.( Marshallese Name For It Is Bako Jidik-Drik)

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Alright Folks what do you think of this one? I was inspired to make it because right about now young shark pups are flocking to my part of the lagoon as the do yearly. My backyard basically becomes a huge shark nursery for the first few months of the pup's lives. They stay in the rich and beautiful reef feeding off of what ever small fish gets in their way for about a duration of 3 to 4 months which has given me plenty of time to swim with them in the warm tropical waters and observe them in their natural habitat. the time period starts in April between the 10th and 20th and ends in August between the 4th and 12th. I have learned a lot from the young sharks and i though i would carve something in honor of them. it is my very first, i did not expect it to turn out so well. I will continue to swim with them for as long as i am in the Marshall Islands as i have done for 4 years. The sharks are Black Tip reef sharks. The pendant has details on Both sides and is made of Whale's Bone.


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