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Hello From France / Versailles

Antoine LM

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Bonjour everybody,


I am the new frog on the block ;)

No sculpture or engraving to share with you yet, I am an absolute beginner looking for general technicals informations, tips and tutorials.

I ran into this French wood carvers a few days ago and got really hooked up on his netsuke fine work.

After quite a lot of Facebook chatting with him, I am about to get into it. I am going to buy some basic equipment/tools, chuncks of wood such as black ebony, boxwood, and get my hands at it.


Currently I work as a self employed photographer with a passion for nature photography.

I lived a few years in the US (1993 - 2000) mostly in NYC, but also a full yeay in North beach San Francisco and a few months in South Beach Miami as well.

Now I am having a hard time with my english writting, I don't get to practice enough, so you will have to cope with it.


My spare time goes to nature, entire days spent in the the surrounding forests obesrving deers and boars, captire reefs (reef tanks) and Dendrobates (tiny coloroud and poisonous frogs) that I have been maintaining at home for years.

Netsuke carving is really something I want to get into. In the past I got involved with watercolor and calligraphy but I stepped out of it little by little.


All right, that should do for now ;)

Enough talking about my self!







ps: Janel, you can change my screen name to Antoine LM ... when you feel like it, when you have time!

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Bienvenue sur le Forum du Nouveau-Mexique, Etats-Unis.


Hope you enjoy it here. Have you ever researched Netsuke carving using the Tagua Nuts? They are the "Vegetable Ivory" that has replaced ivory because it is legal. I purchased some and hopefully have some time to do some tiny carvings with them.



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Hi Scott,


Thank you for this kind welcome.

I curently have a handfull of Tagua nuts at home, Already" pealed" two of them ... took me a while with knife.

First blister on my right hand;)


Just got myself a drawing/sketch pad and I need to work on a first (small) project.

I will use Tagua for a little while to get a first impression/experience before going toward boxwood and probably other materials.





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