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Hey From The Cornfields Of Nebraska

TJ Verrett

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It was suggested by the admin here that I tell a little about myself.

To begin with I like taking long walks off of short piers and swim with the sharks.

I have beautiful long blonde hair and blue eyes and I'm looking for a lifelong commitment.

Oh wait wrong forum sorry! Ok then that was awkward. Actually I'm a fat and ugly 54 year old

guy with a warped sense of humor that lives in Broken Bow Nebraska. I'm a former police officer

and currently a storm spotter for my county and local radio station. I started carving woodspirits about

8 maybe 9 years ago, and now I carve wax for a hobby. I used to be an airbrush artist and sign painter

but due to a neurological disorder my hands have got to be quite shaky so no more airbrushing and sign painting.

I don't carve anything small because of my fine motor skills wont allow it but I muddle through anyway.

I don't show any of my carvings because I feel that they're not up to my standards. So there you have it

I'm the crazy guy in cornfields with a sharp knife and twisted sense of humor. I guess that make me a crazy corny

cut up. Try saying that 3 times real fast. If you have any questions or comments for me please forward them to my psychologists. And they'll slip them into my padded cell. Ok time for my meds now (giggles silently back to his cell)

time for lights out and Wappner at 11

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Welcome to the forum. I am originally from a small town in Nebraska (Chappell), near Sidney. Now I'm in New Mexico, the Land of Entrapment... er... a.... I mean Enchantment. Love it here. Also enjoyed Broken Bow whenever I passed thru there in my youth. My wife also suffers from several neurological disorders, caused by undiagnosed and untreated Lyme Disease for 7 years. She is doing better now, but still has pain whenever anything touches her skin... wind, clothing, shoes, etc. Hope your's is not too debilitating.



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