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Not Sure What This Is, But Had To Have It!


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I went to the local swap meet this weekend, and I found a few new project pieces from this guy that had a few boxes of various rocks and rock slabs for $1 a piece. I fell in love with this one piece, but I'm not sure what it is. It looks like it might be an agate of some kind. It's semi-translucent, and has similar coloring to my carnelian rough, red/orange. The surface is very bumpy and pitted. Even if it's junk, I still like it. It was the best $1 I spent all weekend. :)


Any ideas or speculation about what it is? I have very limited knowledge of rock identification. Maybe I'll have to look for a lapidary club in the area and get their take.


Very best,






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A piece of the Chernobyl Chelyabinsk meteorite, perhaps?

I wish! Haha, wouldn't that be a pleasant surprise. :)



It looks like Agate to me. Have you tried to scratch the surface? Nice find!

I thought from the outside it looked like agate too, but I don't have any with this much translucency to compare with. I do have some Brazilian agate pieces that I can attempt a scratch test with. Thanks!



My worry with it being agate is that it might not be solid all the way through. I have some others this size that have crystalline centers and some that are even hollow. I'm not sure how to carve around that.


- CJ

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