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Deer Bone Carving

Irene S

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I did this one a short while ago. I brought some samples of my art and carvings into some galleries and design stores, this one got picked up!! They also wanted me to do two more of any style and make them incense burners. So this one needs a small hole put in (which for some reason I'm petrified to do lol).


This is deer bone. I found a young deer (mostly skeleton) by a small creek about a year ago. (are there any laws I should know about?)


hope this works


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nice work as for laws i dont think so as for driling the small hole do it very slowly with a drill press at a slow speed and a little prussure hope that help very nice work

Thank you! Cool, so no laws to worry about :)

That's one reason I went the bone direction instead of gaffs, though I still hope to learn how to make them properly!


I also want to hybrid skulls... mix creatures and make something new. I've got so many neat projects, just lots of learn lol. I've got to find a nice adhesive that I guess I'd mix bone dust in with for consistency in color... Some of my current things, I've carved down to the 'marrow' of the bone (it's cleaned in profession facilities) and fill the bone then paint inside with a transparent color... It's made for some neat results.


I'm still not a huge fan of tea staining; it takes so darn long to do lol. I'm use to layering paint to get the results I want.


Is there any taboo artist or dark artist here that carves in bone (I'm also working in human bone)?? I've wanted to see if there was a way to reinforce skulls or bones (make them stronger after lots of carving). I have a few bones that are paper thin (not sure if it would be okay to post human ribs here or if that's pushing the boundaries here), I've done really well with them... but would love to learn other methods.

Like I said, I have a lot to learn.

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