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Hi Billy :)

For the sake of TCP it will be Billy. Your work never ceases to amaze, and more importantly inspire! If it wasn't for you, I probably would not have had my feelers into the Haida artwork I never thought I would be able to create.


Of course, personally I am partial to whale teeth and there is lots of mana in your respected whale work. Thank you for sharing.


Also, what is working with whale bone like? I hear it is smelly; and how do you manage to get such depth in shallow areas? It is quite wonderful!


Thank you so much for sharing! :)



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Hi Bella. Thank you for your kind words. Nothing pleases me more than hearing I have inspired someone like yourself.


Whalebone can be attained in a varitiety of states. It really depends on when it is found. In NZ when a whale strands, and after every attempt to rescue the whale fails, there are appropriate rituals help before the jaw is removed then buried. Sometimes the whole carcass is buried. After about 3 years the bones are recovered and used. If this is the process the bone is generally in better condition and the oils and 'smelly' stuff is taken care of by the insects in the soil. This can also happen in the ocean if you can leave it in a safe place long enough.


If the bone is found on the beach there is more of a chance the oils are still in the bone which can make it smelly. I can carve both :)


The perception of depth on shallow surfaces comes from undercutting the material with your gravers. A nice sharp graver that goes to a point is scraped along the edge and undercut the edge giving it an 'overlapping' effect. This make sense?


Kia ora again, Billy :)

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Keep your eyes open Tony. It's not easy to get hold of, but if one day you talk to the right person...


There's several runanga in Wellington. Te Runanga o Whaiwhetu, Te Runanga o Ngati Toarangatira and Te Runanga o Te Ati Awa. There may be more but they all have Iwi rights around the shores of Wellington. If whale's have stranded on their shores, they have first dig on the bones.


Good luck

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